Full Animated Short 
(Not credited for entirety of work, credited to those that contributed to project 
found below)
Created by: Kaiden Loep, Natalia Ocanas, Fredrick Williams, Brianna Patrick
Programs Used: Adobe Animate, Adobe AfterEffects
Within a group collaboration project, I along with 3 other animators have created a short animation called Fortune 8 Mall.

My animated contribution scene, first key pose installment

Within this collaboration, I have animated within the 15-20 second time marks, as well as provided voice narration, color of entire animation, as well as animated/layout intro/ending cards.

My animated contribution scene, finalized line worked installment

I throughly enjoyed creating this animation along with my colleagues in having created a creative and hilariously laid out story of a fable of a man consumed by greed. With having worked on this project within less than a month, we have created scenarios, precise planning, and work for the audience to enjoy a simple, yet fun fulfilled story with our character Malcom the Third. 

My animated contribution scene, finalized and colored

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